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Marketing adn Social Mobilization Officer

With the goal of significantly increasing the number of patients accessing the clinic, Angsamerah Foundation is now looking for qualified, skilled, creative and energetic candidates, who are interested in taking on the responsibility and challenge of working as a marketing and social mobilization officer for Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah (KYA).

The marketing and social mobilization officer is responsible for the strategic planning, execution and analysis of all promotion, marketing and social mobilization activities related to KYA. As part of this the new officer is expected to work together with a marketing expert to develop a marketing plan, which will subsequently be implemented by the new officer. The marketing and social mobilization officer will be assisted by two part-time marketing officers. The officer will also be in charge of the social media strategy of KYA. While the primary focus of the position will be to promote and market KYA, the officer may also assist with capacity building activities related to the promotion and marketing strategies of other health providers, which are receiving technical assistance from Angsamerah Foundation as part of the partnership with SUM II.

The position will be guided and advised by the Project Manager and supported by the Angsamerah team.

Specific Responsibilities:

Under the overall supervision of the Project Manager and working in close collaboration with the Medical Coordinator of Klinik Yayasan Angsamerah, the Marketing and Social Mobilization Officer will undertake the following specific duties:

a. Creating the clinic's promotion and marketing plan together with a marketing expert and supported by the Project Manager and Medical Coordinator of KYA.

b. Creating standardized marketing practices and procedures.

c. Help create, promote and maintain the clinic's brand.

d. Mapping and surveying of other health providers in the area.

e. Establishing strategic partnerships with other health providers in the area as well as private businesses (such as hair/beauty salons, cafes, restaurants, etc.).

f. Strengthen and revitalize existing partnerships.

g. Increasing awareness about the clinic.

h. Look at the demand side, identify potential markets/target populations and devise plans to deliver the appropriate message.

i. To identify potential leaders/organizers/community focal persons/volunteers to work with in order to fulfil the clinic's objectives and targets.

j. To achieve the clinic's goals and objectives related to patient numbers, that is fulfil monthly targets.

k. Creating specific advertising PR plans to achieve organizational goals and objectives.

l. Organize focus group discussions in relation with the development of the marketing strategy, supported by the Project Manager.

m. Help supervise marketing part time staff.

n. Prepare monthly progress reports in the area under his/her responsibility, to be submitted to the Project Manager.

o. Undertake any other related duties as may be assigned by the supervisor.


a. Bachelor degree in Marketing/Communication, Sales or Business Administration or diploma (D3).

b. Minimum of 2 years of professional experience for Bachelor degree and 4 years for diploma degree (D3).

c. Having experience in promotion and marketing; preferably with social marketing and health related marketing.

d. Having sexual and reproductive health knowledge is considered an advantage.

e. Being able to think creatively.

f. Being open-minded and non-judgmental, as you will be required to work with people from different civil society backgrounds.

g. Ability to communicate well and clearly, including about sensitive issues such as sexuality and sexual health.

h. Demonstrated experience in Microsoft Office systems including Word processing, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. Good knowledge of Social Media also required.

i. Ability to work as a member of a team and independently with minimal supervision.

j. Native speaker of Bahasa Indonesia and good spoken and written English.

Full TOR of the position is available at angsamerah.com/pdf/Angsamerah_TOR Marketing and Social Mobilization Officer.pdf. Please indicate the position applied in the email subject, and submit CV and application letter by email to: customer@angsamerah.com (with a copy to f.neuenschwander@angsamerah.com) by the latest 16 May 2014. Candidates are expected to start with the position by early June 2014.

Nama :Angsamerah Foundation
Email :yayasan@angsamerah.com

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